The electronics industry is developing rapidly, with the development of microelectronics-based computers, integrated circuits, semiconductor chips, optical fiber communications, mobile communications, satellite communications and home appliances industries. The characteristics of this type of product are small, thin and soft. With the help of optical measuring equipment, the wings of the product are added for the improvement of product quality.
Based on the principle of optical imaging combined with advanced automatic control system, equipped with PC-DMIS, the most widely used measurement software, the various image measuring instruments from Hexagon will present you with a wonderful world of image measurement.
The main features of the image measuring system are: non-contact measurement, making measurement non-deformable, suitable for measuring thin-walled and soft-body parts; with strong image magnification function, small size measurement capability; fast measurement speed, greatly improving measurement Efficiency; high density of points, ensuring high reliability of measurement; convenient for clamping. Electronic industry products or accessories have special aspects of their own industry for measurement requirements, small measurement size, easy deformation due to force, and high detection density.
The PC-DMISVision from the PC-DMIS software family gives Hexagon's image measurement system a strong support. With laser tracking point, it is convenient and quick to find and locate. The zoomless zoom image can be zoomed at any magnification without recalibration, powerful boundary judgment method, flexible edge finding tool, free setting filter for raw edges and dust, and powerful graphic report analysis function.
At the same time, the multi-sensor configuration is a prominent advantage of the Hexagon image measurement system. With the image probe, the contact probe and the laser probe, the whole system becomes a composite imager, which makes it easy to use a multi-purpose machine. 
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