General equipment manufacturing

General equipment manufacturing includes a variety of processing and manufacturing equipment, including a variety of metal processing and cutting machine tools, stamping equipment, paper and printing equipment, robots and more. In general, such equipment has the characteristics of high precision, complicated structure and large installation size, so a more sophisticated measuring system and an oversized field measuring system are required to meet the precision and installation requirements of the equipment.
Metal cutting machine tools include lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, broaching machines, etc., which are generally composed of a bed, a box, a work table, and the like. The types of measuring components involved mainly include box-type components (headstock, gearbox), guide rails and basic parts (measured in terms of flatness and straightness), shafts (such as crankshafts), disc parts, and gear parts. . From the perspective of technological development in the machine tool industry, it is characterized by networking, high speed and precision.
High-precision measurement system guarantees high precision of the machine:
The high-precision requirements of the machine tool meet the strict tolerance requirements of the machine components. In addition, various crankshafts and gears that meet the precise high-speed movement of the machine tool have complex shapes. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the measurement needs of the machine tool industry. Ultra-high-precision measuring machines with high performance and various complex shape evaluation and analysis capabilities are ideal for meeting the measurement needs of the machine tool industry.
The LeitzPMM-C ultra-precision measuring machine series enjoys a high reputation in the machine tool industry worldwide. The maximum allowable indication error for length measurement can reach 0.4+L/1000 [micron]. It is equipped with QUINDOS software with perfect measurement function. It has more than 30 option measurement modules, which can not only measure various standard box parts. Such as gear box, can realize the evaluation and analysis of various complex shape workpieces, such as various worm gears, cams, camshafts, and can also be used as gear measurement centers to complete the evaluation and analysis of different types of gears.
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