We have always adhered to the tenet of "Quality First", providing ultra-high precision measuring equipment and measuring instruments to the vast market, providing technical measurement solutions for Chinese industry. The products are mainly for medium and high-end products and services, and meet the comprehensive needs of industrial measurement. solution. The company's main business brands: British LK, Nikon Nikon, Mitutoyo Mitutoyo, British Taylor. Germany Mahr, Switzerland TESA, UK RENISHAW and other imported high-end testing equipment and measuring instruments and accessories, to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency, high precision High-end service and metering solutions.
Main high-precision: three-coordinate measuring machine, composite image measuring instrument, secondary element, industrial CT, laser scanning scanning, optical roughness meter, profiler, roughness profiler, roundness meter, non-contact optical profiler, etc.
Comprehensive metering solution
Dongguan Xinli Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. provides personalized measurement customization, comprehensive technical measurement solutions, and a complete service management system. Widely used in aerospace, automotive, general machinery, locomotive, plastics, electronics, mold, optics, medical and other fields. Especially widely used in large companies such as General Motors, Ford, Boeing, and Airbus.